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High Angle View Of People Kayaking In Lake

River Sea Kayaking

Guided River Tours

If you are thinking of kayaking for fitness or leisure, and want to check out the rare beauty of North Queensland's ocean or the iconic Ross River in Townsville, Queensland, then look no more!  Come out with River Sea Kayaking, Townsville's first guided river tours.

Our sunset or sunrise tours cater for all age groups, fitness levels, shapes, and sizes, and is perfect for seeing wildlife which includes North Qld's freshwater crocodiles, turtles, fish, an assortment of birdlife, butterflies, dragonflies, and wallabies as well as amazing landscapes as the bank is reflected in the river.


Kayaking is a full-body, non-impact, non-contact activity, and is a great physical fitness tool, (perfect for seniors, and naturally beneficial for healthy mental health, being social or to do as a solo activity for people who like to spend time taking in the fresh air and nature surrounding us, 
It is perfect for everyone. 

River Sea Kayaking will provide paddlers with everything they might need for a kayak adventure, with no prior kayak experience needed. 
We will provide a brief introduction to basic paddling techniques and set each individual up with the necessary skills, as well as provide all the equipment for safe kayaking. 
We have single and double kayaks and can cater to people who might be a little more dependant on assistance.  

Take a wander through the website and feel free to contact us with any questions or booking requirements you may have and we will do our best to accommodate.

Thanks to KAYAK for featuring us on their website 



A Bit About Me

Your Kayak Instructor Hans Preuss

Based in the greater Rasmussen area, I have been training clients since 2000.
I am passionate about being active, healthy, and developing correct techniques, but I’m also very passionate about helping people improve theirs.

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Genesis Thuringowa's YNB 12 Week Challenge Group Session with River Sea Kayaking
Kayak Rolls
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Welcome to River Sea Kayaking

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River Sea Kayaking 12 Week Challenge Group Challenge

Rolling on the River with River-sea Kayaking

Rolling in the River

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